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Protect and advocate for the animals 

Provide quality care 

Find loving homes 

Decrease overpopulation 









Humane Agent Operations 

by prevention of cruelty through compassion, education, intervention 

ARC and Staff 

provide a high caliber facility and staff 

SNAP & S/N Clinics 

provide services for the community's companion animals 

Mission Statement 

To protect and advocate for the animals by preventing cruelty and neglect with compassion, education and intervention, to provide quality care and find loving homes for those in our safekeeping, and to reduce the number of unwanted animals by providing spay and neuter services for the community's companion animals. 


Vision Statement 

For every animal to live where cruelty no longer exists and has a permanent compassionate home, and where communities are enriched by the special bond between people and animals. 


History of BCARL 

BCARL has been serving Belmont County, Ohio since 1974, and is Belmont County’s oldest continuously operated Humane Society. 


Founded in 1974, the Belmont County Animal Rescue League, Inc. (BCARL) was organized by three caring and compassionate citizens of the community who saw a need for structured animal welfare programs. BCARL founders John Pickenpaugh, Dr. McBride DVM and Elaine Barnes believed that to have an impact on serious animal issues in Belmont County they would need to focus on developing innovative resources and services that would have a lasting effect and save lives. 

In June of 2019 BCARL contracted with Belmont County to take over humane operations for the county. Through the generosity of a bequest from a life-time member, BCARL purchased our present location to house abused and neglected animals and run our programs. 



• Is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and operates as a county humane society pursuant to ORC §1717.05, et seq. 

• Is not affiliated with, nor a subsidiary of any national or local animal welfare organization 

• Relies upon private donations, grants, legacies, bequests and fundraising events 

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