O2 FUR Life Campaign

​The Pet Oxygen Mask Initiative


While firemen attempt to get pets safely out of burning structures, they are not able to revive them unless they have the proper equipment — pet oxygen masks. These specially-designed animal masks can be used both on conscious pets that have suffered from smoke inhalation and pets that need to be resuscitated after losing consciousness from exposure to the dangerous toxic fumes.


BCARL is sponsoring this pet life saving equipment for Belmont County fire departments and EMS willing to make a difference and help increase survival rates of pets in our area.  These masks can be used on dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and more.


Belmont County Fire & EMS:  BCARL is providing at least one O2 Pet Oxygen Mask kit to each fire and EMS department serving Belmont County.  All eligible departments have been mailed their invite to participate in this exciting program.  The invite and response form are below in a pdf format.  If you need more information aobut the program, please contact us.  The deadline to return the participation form is March 1, 2015.  We will be ordering and delivering the kits shortly after.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to supply your department with these life-saving devices. 



The Wag'N O2 Fur Life® Kit includes:
  • 3 Oxygen Masks - 1 small, 1 medium & 1 large

  • 3 Oxygen Air Tubes - 1 for each mask, 22 mm diameter

  • 1 Wag'N O2 Fur Life® Carry Bag for easy storage & mobility

  • 1 Laminated Instruction Sheet which includes ABCs of CPR For Cats & Dogs

  • 1 Kennel Lead for animal restraint & control

  • 2 Animal Incident Report (AIR)™ Forms for First Responders - carbonless 3-part form

  • 1 Pet Rescue Notice Form provided in electronic format

  • 1 PowerPoint Presentation provided in electronic format

  • 2 "Pet Oxygen Masks On Board"™ Decals

  • 1 Wag'N Instructional DVD "Pets Need Oxygen Too"™

Members of the general public can help.  

Make a donation to BCARL to help support this progam and others like it.

Call us: 740-782-9712

Email us: bcarlweb@gmail.com


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Bridgeport Fire Department

Bridgeport Fire Department receiving their O2 FUR Life kit from BCARL Treasurer, Denise Troy