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Pet Parent Fall Bucket List

Fall is finally here! Even though COVID has changed some of our annual traditions, there’s still much to be savored with the season.

Back-to-school is safely behind us, and the holidays are quickly approaching. Fall provides a brief opportunity to slow down. So, take this break between the hustle of back-to-school and the bustle of December to enjoy the cooler temps, vibrant foliage, hearty food, and quieter days ahead.

This is the perfect time to be outside, enjoying the last bit of beautiful weather. Looking for something to do with your pet? Check out these autumn activities that can be done with the whole family.

Halloween Movie Marathon

How about you enjoy some classic Halloween movies with your pup? Don’t like scary movies? No worries, not all Halloween movies are scary. Movies like Hocus Pocus, Scoobie-Doo, It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Frankenweenie are all Halloween movies with animals that play a major role without making you want to hide under your sheets. We love the idea of curling up on the couch with your pet, grabbing your bowl of popcorn, giving them a new chew toy, and enjoying a nice night in.


If you have an outgoing pup, you could take them for a walk while the neighborhood kids go trick-or-treating. It’s a fun way for your pet to show off their personality in a costume of his own or to include him in a fun group costume with your family.

Bring along a bag of healthy treats for the kids you come in contact with to feed them when he shows off all of his cool tricks like sitting, shaking hands, or playing dead.

Carve a Pumpkin

One activity you could do that is pet related but doesn’t necessarily involve your pet directly is to have a friendly competition with your family to carve pumpkins inspired by your pet.

They could be portraits, her favorite toy, or something representing a favorite memory. Then, everyone can line up their pumpkins and let the pet be the judge. It’s fun and silly, but isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

Fall Foliage & Leaf Peeping

The mountains and hills surrounding the Ohio Valley are filled with classic autumn colors, and now is the perfect time to get outside.

Strap a leash and harness around your pet and take a long walk, a hike, or even go camping. The fall weather is perfect because your pet is less likely to be overheated or too chilly.

However, if you do go for hikes and possibly an overnight camping trip, be aware that every park and wilderness area will have its own set of rules and regulations concerning pets and their proper care and boundaries.

Bake Some Fall Treats for Your Pup

If you love to bake and cook up special treats for your favorite pooch, Fall is the perfect time to introduce them to some pumpkin based treats. We could try to reinvent the wheel, but our friends over at Doggie Dailies have already put together a great list of creative and tasty treats for you to try at home.

Fall Photo Ops

If you’re like us, your pets are an important part of your story. They impact almost every aspect of your life, and are the source of an awful lot of your joy and happiness. Fall offers gorgeous backdrops and often friendly weather, so why not get out there and fill up your camera roll with lots of pictures of you and your precious pets enjoying the season together? These pictures will be lasting memories, and I’m sure your friends won’t mind too much if you fill up their social media timelines with a whole lot of cuteness.

Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

With colder weather approaching and shorter days already upon us, we’ll be spending a lot more time indoors. With quiet evenings ahead, now could be the perfect time to spend engaging your pups brain to learn a few new tricks. Dogs love spending quality time with their humans, and many dogs are genetically hard wired to want to work and problem solve. Learning new tricks is a great way to stimulate your dog’s mind when being outside for long periods of time isn’t an option.

Fall is one of the best times of the year to spend quality time with your pet because of the more temperate temperatures and fun activities that people take part in. With just a little bit of thought, many of them can be enjoyed by your pet as well.

If you have a fun tradition or activity that you enjoy with your pet this time of the year, please go to our social media page and leave a comment below this article.

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