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Your Sponsorship Helps Animals in Need

Provide food, shelter, and medical care to abused or neglected animals in our care. You can even choose to be a monthly sponsor!

Each sponsorship includes a personalized email with an example of the animal you’ve chosen to sponsor (please specify during donation). 

Did you know that the first week of care for animals in our shelters can cost us $250.00 or more? We accept animals that have been neglected or abused and their care can be very costly or complicated. Although this puts a financial burden on Belmont County Animal Rescue League, the effort is worth it. You can help us provide the medical care, food, and shelter these animals need while they wait for their forever home.  You can sponsor an animal for $150 or more donation.  Please specify the animal you wish to sponsor from our adoptable animal list.

Sponsor an Animal 

At Belmont County Animal Rescue League, about 60% of our dogs are pit bull type mixes. Sadly, these precious pooches have a bad reputation. BCARL is proud of our pitties and we know they can make great pets – just like any breed of dog! You can sponsor a Pitbull from intake to adoption for $300. This will provide the Pitbull with a spay/neuter, proper vaccines, microchip, food, enrichment, and some basic training while they’re waiting for the new forever home.

Sponsor a Pittie

A community cat is primarily wild-raised or has adapted to community life. This is not a stray cat. A stray cat is defined as someone’s pet who has become lost, or who has been abandoned. Belmont County Animal Rescue League offers Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) services at our Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinics. TNR is the method of humanely trapping community cats, having them spayed or neutered and vaccinated against rabies, and then returning them to their colony to live out their lives. TNR has been shown to be the least costly and the most humane, efficient way of stabilizing community cat populations. Cover the cost of one community cat’s Trap, Neuter, and Return for $75.

Sponsor a Community Cat

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