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Interested in Making a Difference?

Thank You for Your Interest in Volunteering!

Belmont County Animal Rescue League is very proud of the commitment and dedication of our volunteers.  There are several ways to volunteer. Through our Shelter, at a fundraiser or outreach event, at Our Clinics and others as needed.  Each position is different.  Some have scheduling and physical requirements.


Become a Volunteer for Belmont County Animal Rescue League!

Thank you for your interest in joining our Belmont County Animal Rescue League Volunteer Team!

Our volunteers are the key to the success of our organization. We are looking for volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected animals in our care. We need friendly, outgoing and personable volunteers to assist the public and work with the staff in our animal shelters and at on-site and off-site community events.

Our dogs, cats and other animals are in need of care, attention, walking, training, playing, socialization and engaging with people in order to provide the best possible outcomes. You may choose to work with any or all of our animal populations, if you have the capabilities and time required. 


All on-site volunteers wishing to directly handle animals begin with either the Dog Walking/ Cat Care/ Other Animal Care assignments and then may be able to progress other activities based on individual skill levels. 


Volunteers are also needed to assist with other important roles such as: adoptions, kennel care, medical services, greeting customers, photography, videography, humane education, and some office tasks. 


How to Get Started

We ask that all volunteers submit an application.  If you would like to volunteer with animals hands on, you must meet with shelter staff to discuss the shelter volunteer opportunities.  Training in certain areas may also be required.  Mentoring during the first few shifts is also required for certain areas. 

As a reminder, shelter / animal handling volunteering is for those who can work independently without direct supervision or with minimal special accommodation. 

Some essential capabilities for shelter volunteering include, but are not limited to:

· Ability to commit to scheduled volunteer times

· Ability to work well with others – staff, volunteers, and the public

· Ability to take instruction

· Ability to squat, bend, twist, left and stand for long periods while working directly with the animals.

· Ability to speak and understand English

· Computer literacy; Active email account

· Have previous experience handling large dogs if applying for a dog handling assignment

· Average vision

· Ability to tolerate loud noises and unpleasant odors

· Ability to walk unaided on uneven and/or rough terrain

· High level of manual dexterity


Specialized Volunteer Requirements

Those interested in volunteering who may have special needs (or a job coach/shadow) must  contact the staff directly. Though we do our best to accommodate those with special needs or handicaps, our unique shelter volunteering opportunities require certain abilities to maintain the safety of our animals, staff, public and other volunteers. Special volunteer requirements must be discussed with the shelter staff on a case by case basis prior to starting.

To volunteer for BCARL in any capacity, please complete and submit the volunteer application below.  We will be in touch regarding your completed applicaiton soon.

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