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Why You Should Volunteer at an Animal Rescue

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Are you looking for a community service project for school credit? Wanting to boost your resume? Do you want to spend time with animals or are considering adopting, but aren't quite ready to make the leap? Perhaps you’re looking to make new friends? We invite you to consider volunteering at BCARL.

Even if you’re only giving a few hours a week of service, your time and effort really makes a huge impact on the animals, workers, and community.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider becoming a volunteer.

It’s Beneficial for You

It’s no secret that spending quality time with animals has numerous health benefits. In fact, many studies have conclusively confirmed that being spending time with animals is good for your emotional, physical, and mental health. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of bringing home a furry friend. But if you’re unable to have a pet at home, you can still reap many of the same benefits by bonding with the animals at your local rescue facility.

When you volunteer at an animal rescue, you instantly see the results of your labor, which is a reward in and of itself. Studies have linked our work satisfaction to the meaningfulness of our work, and there’s little more satisfying than seeing a fearful, damaged animal made whole and thriving by your love, care, and efforts.

Also, if you’re considering adoption but aren’t yet ready to make the leap, volunteering is a great way to dip your toes in the water.

It’s Beneficial for Animals in Need

BCARL is a non-profit, as are most local animal rescue facilities. This means that we are based entirely on donations (of both time and money). Volunteers are able to fill in the gaps of needed services. Volunteers help to socialize the animals, spend time with them, walk them, and many other important tasks that help keep the facility running.

Of course, many people think working with animals means snuggling puppies all day, and while there are plenty of opportunities for play and bonding time, much of animal welfare involves behind-the-scenes work as well as hands-on interactions and daily animal care. It’s important to be realistic about the nitty gritty of animal volunteerism, because the animals in our care depend on us to provide their needs and to help them move on to their forever family.

When an abused, hurt, or sick animal is surrendered to BCARL, it can be one of the most difficult things about working or volunteering at the facility. But when you volunteer, you have the privilege of watching their wounds heal. And more than that, you become part of their healing process. At BCARL, we watch dogs go from cowering at the back of their kennel to running to the gate with their tail wagging, begging you to take them out to play.

The transformations are always amazing, and knowing you played a part in their recovery is so very, very rewarding.

It’s Beneficial for the Community

By volunteering, you contribute to a cause you care about. So, if you are passionate about saving animals, volunteering at BCARL would be right up your alley. And even more, you create a better community to live in. Volunteering inherently means helping, and it provides the unique opportunity of connecting people in the community with shared values. Volunteering makes a difference in your community because it allows us to make a real difference to the lives of the animals, people, and organization in need. This holistic approach creates a better community for everyone.

When all is said and done, being an animal rescue volunteer at BCARL makes you feel like you are doing a good thing. And we need more good things in the world.

Your work ensures that the health and well-being of animals in your care is improved, so that each animal has the best possible chance of finding a new home.

You are contributing to the solution, which makes you feel good about the work you are doing. If you’re interested in finding out more about our volunteer opportunities, check out our volunteer process!

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